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Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Inside Out: Mailbox and High Availability by Tony Redmond

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I highly suggest this book for all persons interested in obtaining an in depth understanding of Microsoft's Exchange Server 2013. You can purchase the Kindle Edition or Physical Book on Amazon.. Below is the book summary from Amazon With a focus on mailbox and high availability features, this book delivers the ultimate, in-depth reference to [...]

Love, Success and Money

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We say we want Love, Success and Money If that is the case, how are we preparing for them? What are we doing to prepare ourselves - for the opportunities we say we want? We desire Love, but do we know that Love is not jealous? Love is Selfless, Love demands that we Love ourselves, [...]

This is What We Know..

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We know we are Born Leaders. We know not to wait to start or restart habits on Mondays or the 1st or after a holiday or New Years .. We start TODAY.. We know to make Goals, to-do lists and NOT to-do lists. We know to learn from our mistakes and share our lessons with [...]

Re-Establishing Productive Habits

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In life, there will be events which will cause you to break your productive routine. When this happens, don't beat yourself up, just allow yourself a grace period (a readjustment period) to get back into your routine.  It's important that we remember our life isn't governed by the things that happen, but our response to [...]

Become the Person..

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How do you become the person you desire to be? You start now to adopt the thinking, learn the skills and develop the habits of the person you wish to be. Its a mistake to dream about "One Day" instead of handling "Today" so it prepares to you be better tomorrow. - John C Maxwell

Philosophy and Influence

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Through this Transition process, I'm noticing gradiual changes in my Philosophies.  For example.. At work I embrace the "dress and act like the Company CEO or Director" model.. Through my reading and experience, I've learned the importance of embracing the Leader behaviors.  In contrast, I didn't follow the same philosophy at CCC. Clearly Dr. Bernard [...]

It’s Not Enough

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Its not enough that we Work Hard, we must be working towards specific GOALS. Its not enough that we change, we must GROW. Its not enough that we know, we must ACT. Its not enough that obtain, we must SHARE.

Peter Drucker’s thoughts on Leadership

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Peter Drucker On Leadership What Needs to Be Done Successful leaders don’t start out asking, “What do I want to do?” They ask, “What needs to be done?” Then they ask, “Of those things that would make a difference, which are right for me?” They don’t tackle things they aren’t good at. They make sure [...]

Confidence vs Arrogance

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Sometimes we can be overconfident or believe we're better or smarter than we really are. This misjudgment ultimately limits our growth. Its important to have confidence and a sense of self-worth, but its just as important for us to be humble, willing to learn and understand "we know nothing".. This way you will receive all [...]

Overcoming Challenges

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There will be projects or situations we go into, knowing it wont be easy, knowing it will come with its fair share of challenges and difficulties. In this cases, we can't be surprised or frustrated when the challenges arrive. Anger and Frustration are both COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE emotions.. Nothing good comes from them.. Alternatively, we can process [...]

The LUTHAS Center

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On April 4 2024, The first LUTHAS Center will be erected in NYC. This center will provide Educational resources, Life Training, Financial planning, Health and Medical Services, Emergency shelter to Women and Children. It will be 1,000,000 sq feet.. A third bigger than the Jacob Javits Center. I look forward to seeing you at the [...]