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Can you identify what I am?

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I am your constant companion. I am your greatest helper or heaviest burden. I will push you onward, or drag you down to failure. I am completely at your command. Half of the things you do, you might just as well turn over to me, and I will be able to do them quickly and [...]

A walk on the wild cider

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Move over, pie: An hour northwest of the city, the Spirit Tree crew is elevating the humble apple into a boozy concoction ripe for the sipping. When you get out of your car at Spirit Tree Estate Cidery (1137 Boston Mills Rd. in Caledon, Ont.), the first thing you’ll notice is the smell of a [...]

How to Prep Your iDevice for iOS 7

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Apple’s iOS 7, the biggest change to iOS since its debut, launches Wednesday. While you may be itching to get your fingers on the new operating system, you’ll want to take some time to make sure your device is 100 percent ready for this major software update. First, make sure all the media and memories [...]

5 Things Super Successful People Do Before 8 AM

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Rise and shine! Morning time just became your new best friend.Love it or hate it, utilizing the morning hours before work may be the key to a successful and healthy lifestyle. That’s right, early rising is a common trait found in many CEOs, government officials, and other influential people. Margaret Thatcher was up every day at [...]

16 Things You Should Do at the Start of Every Work Day

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The first few hours of the work day can have a significant effect on your level of productivity over the following eight—so it’s important you have a morning routine that sets you up for success. With the help of career and workplace experts Lynn Taylor, David Shindler, Michael Kerr, Anita Attridge, Alexandra Levit and Michael [...]

‘Netflix for E-Books’ app to iPad

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  When I found this article on Mashable, I had to go download it and find which books were available. Audible is great, but there are still some titles they don't have yet. Enter "OYSTER".. So far I've added these to my reading list.. Not bad for a quick 15 minute run through :) A [...]

IKEA’s CIO on Work-Life Balance

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What do the CIOs of major companies think about mobility? Do they think it’s creating a better work/life balance for end-users? How does it affect their own work/life balance? We aim to answer all those questions with our series of CIO interviews, where we get the opinions of people who are at the top of [...]

The Awesome Life Project

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I was inspired to create The Awesome Life Project October 13, 2013. The Goal of this project is to help us enjoy life on a meaningful level. Initially I believed, I needed to reach a certain level of success before actually being "HAPPY". Then I asked myself "why wait?? Why not now??" As a student [...]

An Excellent Read – “The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield

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This book is easily, one of the best Self-Development books I've read in awhile.It was well written and comes complete the strategies required to make the appropriate changes. A must read for anyone's Library, regardless of which stage of your life you're in.What actionable strategies does The Success Principles offer readers?1. Take 100% responsibility for [...]

Analyzing Exchange Transaction Log Generation Statistics

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When designing a site resilient Exchange Server solution, one of the required planning tasks is to determine how many transaction logs are generated on an hourly basis. This helps figure out how much bandwidth will be required when replicating database copies between sites, and what the effects will be of adding additional database copies to [...]

My Declaration of Independence

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In this phase of my life coined the "Stabilzation Phase", I'm having a hard time trying to maintain and manage several old friendships. Common examples would be: - Frequent references to my former self - The refusal to accept the person I'm becoming - Situations that should have never been situations - to begin with [...]

The Homeless Billionaire

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  John Paul DeJoria (Co-Founder of Paul Mitchell and Patron), possesses one of the most amazing stories in entrepreneurial history. Now on Forbes’ World’s Billionaires List, it’s hard to fathom that such a brilliant man was living on the streets at a point in time. It’s even harder to believe that homelessness affected him more [...]

The Effect of Stress on our Body

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I've just had a Toxic conversation with my Ex-Girlfriend.. Although we've been separated for a quite a while now, she can go from 0 to 100 in 2 seconds. I'm not proud to say, my actions over the years were a major contributing factor to the way she responds to me. The endless streams of [...]

Pre-Defining my Bio for 2023

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Dame Luthas, Founder of The Luthas Corporation - is an internationally recognized leadership expert, speaker, and author who has sold over 50 million books. The Luthas Organizations have trained more than 10 million leaders worldwide. Every year, Mr Luthas speaks to Fortune 500 companies, international government leaders, and organizations as diverse as the United States [...]

Technical Qualifications

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ITIL: v3 Foundation MCSE: Microsoft Exchange 2013 MCSE MCSA: Microsoft Windows 2012 MCITP: Microsoft Exchange 2010 MCTS: Microsoft Lync 2010 MCITP: Microsoft Windows Server 2008 MCTS: Microsoft System Center 2007 MCTS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010 MCTS: Microsoft Exchange 2007