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Effective Ways to Build Your Vocabulary

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Recently, I've been becoming increasingly interested in learning new words and their definitions. To assist me in this process, I've sought strategies to help me accomplish this goal. Thus far my research had helped me discover the following apps. Each of which offers a "Word of the Day" feature - which is excellent for learning [...]

Learning Agility: The Intangible Key to Success

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"Learning Agility" is a competency or capability which describes a person's speed to learn. It is the ability and willingness to learn from experience, and subsequently apply that learning to perform successfully under new or first-time conditions. In short, Learning Agility is the ability to learn, adapt and apply ourselves in constantly morphing condititions. This [...]

Best Business Books – Recommended Reading List

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I'm currently reading the "The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business" by Josh Kaufman In the book, Josh mentioned he's created a list of his recommended "99 business books" on his website After reviewing the site, I was actually surprised to see such a great variety of Business Books. I've copied the list below [...]

How Does One Reach Financial Independence?

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Someone forwarded me this awesome article and I definitely believe its worthy of sharing. Enjoy :) Charlotte writes in with a reader mailbag question to which my answer ran a little long: “I understand the goal of financial independence. You want to reach a point where you live off of the interest of your investments. [...]

26 Books that will make us Wealthy

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I'm beginning to diversify the material I read to better compliment by Long Term Goals in life. In doing so, I've named '2014' - "The Year of the Dollar". Initially, I've began with Self-Development , then on to Leadership - now "Finance and Investing". To help facilitate this process, I've done some research to help [...]

Luthas Book Club: Our 16 Most Influential Books

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My Quality of Life improved by 700% over the last few years.  These improvements include but are not limited to my Decision making, Behaviors, Associations, Health Awareness, Professional and Personal Relationships, Family, Spirituality, Money Management, Emotional Intelligence and Physical Appearance. My greatest Sin was NOT KNOWING THAT I DIDNT KNOW. I've learned the people that [...]