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I came across this list of New York Networking Groups while researching local Professional Clubs. New York Networking Groups The NYC Business Networking Group (NYCBNG), New York, NYOver the last 6 years NYCBNG has earned a stellar reputation as the premier business networking group in NYC. Membership to the group is free and we currently [...]

How to Better Manage Your Time and be More Productive

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I came across this awesome article highlighting a few principles and tips in Josh Kaufman's "The Personal MBA" These principles and tips are taken from a chapter of the book titled “Working with Yourself.” Monoidealism. The word might sound complex, even spiritual, but monoidealism is neither. Josh Kaufman, the author, defines it as “the state [...]

10 Awesome Strategies to Prepare for 2014

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If we start our New Years changes and commitments now.. By Jan 1st 2014 - it will become a habit.. We can consider the utilizing the following strategies to prepare for the new year. 1. Evaluate our spending trends with and the mint app.. 2. Use our Calendar to allocate time for things you need and want to [...]