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Personal Improvements Week Starting – January 19th

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1. Implemented a positive affirmation playlist of about 20+ youtube videos converted into mp3's for playing while during the night as I sleep, my entire shift at work and after work during meditation.  2. Increased personal thinking and action time. I have a task / goal list with over 75+ action items. Splitting myself thin via [...]

Self Imposed Glass Ceilings

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Being in School or graduating from School does not and should not excuse you from focusing on Personal Self-Development. Formal education is not specific to one person. It was created with the notion, all people think and learn alike.  You may become an expert in a specific field of study, but still fall far short [...]

19 Hard Things You Need To Do To Be Successful

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My goal is for all of us to be happy, successful and grow together.. you can find much more daily motivational material like this here: My InstaGram page: @DameLuthas Twitter: @DameLuthas Enjoy the list below ;-) You have to do the hard things. You have to make the call you’re afraid to make. You have [...]

Things Have Changed..

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We are no longer just Habitats of this World We will no longer satisfied with Basic Survival We will Create our World We will Design our World We will Improve our World We are Committed to Daily Growth We are Committed to Sharing Valuable Information We are not followers We are Leaders - Dame Luthas

Are You Tired of Being Unemployed?

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Being Laid off or Fired isn't the best feeling. We begin to experience a variety of emotions including - but not limited to Fear, Anger, Frustration, Disappointment. After this feeling sets in, our minds will do what it does best - make us comfortable and adapt to the situation. It all happens subconsciously.. before you know [...]

Managing Mistakes and Failures

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As I'm reading this book "100 Great Businesses and the Minds Behinds Them".. the one constant theme is how these normal people like you and I.. failed.. became discouraged but didn't give up.. I say that to say this.. we will not succeed in everything - the first time around. We shouldn't hope to.. there [...]

Join the #DisconnectChallenge

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No Social Media posting or watching before 4pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The goal being to be completed disconnected the first 10 hours of your day.  Here is the Behavior Structuring Strategy:  1. Disable all social media notifications before going to sleep tonight  2.  Move / group all social media applications to your last screen or [...]

Speaking Up: 10 Tips for Making a C-Level Presentation

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C-Level usually refers to the top positions in an organization like Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief Financial Officer or other high ranking officers in your organization. Presentations to C-level executives are renowned for their high visibility, reputation to make or break a career, and ability to create nerve-wracking anticipation. Executive suite audiences have a short attention span, [...]

Strategy: How to “Re-invent” Yourself

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There are several awesome Strategies that will assist us with the "Self Re-invention" process. Below, you find the strategy that worked the best for me. Prerequisites: - Find one sheet of paper 8.5 x 11 - Draw a line down the middle of the paper from top to bottom Step 1. Think about the person [...]