The Magic of Thinking Big

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Just finished this.. it was a very good book. Straight forward and easy to read. I recommend it for anyone just beginning to read self-development / self-help books. On to the next one ;-)

Thinking, Fast and Slow

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A very Successful friend of mine just introduced me to "Thinking, Fast and Slow" by Daniel Kahneman I picked up the Kindle Edition version for  $4.99 - just $5 to read a book from a Psychologist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Extracted from Amazon Product Description Major New York Times bestseller ... Winner of the [...]

What Do Successful People Have in Common With Books?

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I've came across this really good article today.. If you study the lives of nearly every person who has accomplished a great deal they all have at least one thing in common - they were avid readers. What did the homes of Benjamin Franklin, Aristotle, Thomas Jefferson, Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Edison, Theodore Roosevelt, Albert [...]

AudioBooks Collection

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I'm normally very busy and rarely have time to sit down and read any books. Enter the world of AudioBooks. Over the last few months - I've amassed a pretty decent collection of AudioBooks on various topics including but no limited to.. Just like anything.. If you haven't listened to Audiobooks before - it takes [...]