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The Stock That Costs More Than A Lamborghini

By | 2017-04-08T18:23:42+00:00 April 8th, 2017|Finance - Money Management|

While creating websites for a specific market, it's always helpful to understand the current market's design methodology. Being this particular website is for a Holdings company, I thought to visit the Berkshire Hathaway website - since it the King of Holding Companies (Owned and operated by Warren Buffet). This isn't what I expected from a Billion [...]

How Does One Reach Financial Independence?

By | 2013-11-20T08:33:01+00:00 November 20th, 2013|Finance - Money Management|

Someone forwarded me this awesome article and I definitely believe its worthy of sharing. Enjoy :) Charlotte writes in with a reader mailbag question to which my answer ran a little long: “I understand the goal of financial independence. You want to reach a point where you live off of the interest of your investments. [...]

26 Books that will make us Wealthy

By | 2013-11-13T14:41:19+00:00 November 13th, 2013|Books, Finance - Money Management|

I'm beginning to diversify the material I read to better compliment by Long Term Goals in life. In doing so, I've named '2014' - "The Year of the Dollar". Initially, I've began with Self-Development , then on to Leadership - now "Finance and Investing". To help facilitate this process, I've done some research to help [...]