Mastering Adversity

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Embrace adversity. Smile at it when you see it coming. Hug it when it arrives. Wink at when it leaves. Those times you're not able to make a decision.. Adversity forces you to act. Those times you're questioning a situation.. Adversity is there to provide clarity. Shortly after that moment of genius which inspires you [...]

Personal Commitments to Continuous Improvement Principles ensuring Sustained Excellence in Information Technology Framework

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Aristotle once said "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit". I'm an avid believer - a person's Values and Principles are universally applied and can not be separated. Therefore, our commitment to Excellence must exist in all things. In lieu of this, I've created the Personal Commitments to [...]

These 4 Investments Will Change The Quality of Your Life

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Everyday we positively or negatively - consciously or unconsciously invest in our lives. The results of these investments are clearly seen in the quality of our lives. Being intentional with our early morning investments - increase the likelihood of a happier, healthier, more fulfilling day. Consistently implementing the four investments below, can ultimately result in [...]

A Man Never Complains

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I've decided to incorporate this philosophy within my personal continuous improvement initiative. If I want this new philosophy to work effectively, it's important to understand the difference between 'identifying an issue' and 'complaining' - which are both attributed to our Problem Management capacity and skills. We might not control the problem, but we do have control [...]

Use Internal Conversations to Reduce Unwanted Consequences

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Today, I'd like to share a strategy that could help reduce the frequency of unwanted consequences. I think we can agree, we have absolutely no control of the consequences of our actions - whereas we have 100% control over our actions themselves. The "7 Levels Deep" exercise to helps me understand what drives my thoughts, [...]

Improve Your Life by Adjusting Your Playlist

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Most of my life I've preferred waking up to some type of Uptempo Music. It gets me going.. moving and grooving while getting dressed. Until one day.. I began to realize how influential music was to my mood and thought process. It didn't matter if it was Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, Gospel or Country (yes I [...]

Improve Your Attention Span and Concentration in 2017

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It's the time of year where we began reflecting on the year, highlighting our Victories while analyzing the areas of improvement. I must admit, I'm a Serial Reflector and Visionary (if there were such a thing).. constantly looking at situations or things wondering - how can I add value? I've learned 'I can't give - [...]

Adversity 101

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When you become accustomed to being super productive it's one thing. When the adversity is more consistent than you are.. The battle changes completely.  The self-talk changes.. The level of commitment changes.. Slowly your strengths turn to weaknesses because they aren't used as much. Your focus goes from striving to surviving. Your belief system is [...]

Two Things You Should Do Before Starting Your Day

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1. When you wake up.. as you lay in bed.. say "I am grateful for..." and keep going until you can think of at least 25 blessings you're grateful for. This will remove many of your negative thoughts throughout the day and make you a much happier person. 2. Before starting your day, work, school [...]

The Importance of having a Strong Vocabulary

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It's impossible to become a great leader without being a great communicator. Great communicators are skilled at reading people by sensing the moods, dynamics, attitudes, values and concerns of those being communicated with. Not only do they read their environment well, but they possess the ability to link the message with the environment without missing [...]

GET USED TO IT MAN!! It comes with the Dream..

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In our attempts to be more efficient and productive.. We will encounter headaches, stress, frustration and other uncomfortable feelings. Usually, we would stop and complain - when we feel overwhelmed and say "Forget it.. I need a break.." The reality is when we want to become something, do something or achieve something - we can't [...]

Growth is Not an event.. It’s a Process

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If we want to be something, get something or achieve something. We must become the person that is "something", obtained "something" or achieved "something". Our behavior and character has to mimic that persons behavior and character. We must analyze the contrast between you and that person (the person you want to become). The person we [...]

10 Daily Steps to Activate your Greatness

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1. Create 3 small Goals & complete them before bed. 2. Use your INFLUENCE to help others 3. Work Harder on yourself than you do anything else 4. Focus on ACTIONS not words 5. Be better today, than we were yesterday 6. Read for a least 1 hour 7. 1 hour of Physical Activity 8. Write [...]

5 Things You Should Do Before Bed Tonight

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1. Write an email to yourself and make the subject "From 2014 me to 2015 me" In the body of the email - do the following: 2. Identify and write about your challenges 3. Things you've overcame in 2014 4. Things you will improve upon in 2015 5. Identify which three things you will do [...]