My Morning Motivation Apple Playlist

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I thought I'd share my Morning Motivation playlist with you. The only requirement is that you have an IOS device / Apple Music subscription.  My Favorite track is the "Oath of Champions" Listen to Dame's Powerful Statements playlist on Apple Music.  https://itunes.apple.com/us/playlist/a-2016-powerful-statements/idpl.831984854a0b4a93b3a4f6d6a6ce2145

40 Must Have iPhone & iPad Apps in 2014

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There are a myriad of must have iPhone and iPad apps – the following 40 are a selection of the very best. To keep your year ticking over nicely, this selection encompasses: lifestyle, education, travel, culture, fun, business, and numerous other facets of life. Almost everything you could need is catered for, so select your [...]

Self Imposed Glass Ceilings

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Being in School or graduating from School does not and should not excuse you from focusing on Personal Self-Development. Formal education is not specific to one person. It was created with the notion, all people think and learn alike.  You may become an expert in a specific field of study, but still fall far short [...]

My Declaration of Independence

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In this phase of my life coined the "Stabilzation Phase", I'm having a hard time trying to maintain and manage several old friendships. Common examples would be: - Frequent references to my former self - The refusal to accept the person I'm becoming - Situations that should have never been situations - to begin with [...]

Re-Establishing Productive Habits

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In life, there will be events which will cause you to break your productive routine. When this happens, don't beat yourself up, just allow yourself a grace period (a readjustment period) to get back into your routine.  It's important that we remember our life isn't governed by the things that happen, but our response to [...]

Become the Person..

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How do you become the person you desire to be? You start now to adopt the thinking, learn the skills and develop the habits of the person you wish to be. Its a mistake to dream about "One Day" instead of handling "Today" so it prepares to you be better tomorrow. - John C Maxwell

Philosophy and Influence

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Through this Transition process, I'm noticing gradiual changes in my Philosophies.  For example.. At work I embrace the "dress and act like the Company CEO or Director" model.. Through my reading and experience, I've learned the importance of embracing the Leader behaviors.  In contrast, I didn't follow the same philosophy at CCC. Clearly Dr. Bernard [...]