Adversity 101

When you become accustomed to being super productive it’s one thing. When the adversity is more consistent than you are.. The battle changes completely. 
The self-talk changes.. The level of commitment changes.. Slowly your strengths turn to weaknesses because they aren’t used as much. Your focus goes from striving to surviving. Your belief system is challenged.. The paradox is – your adversity will honestly and truly expose you for who you are. 
Life doesn’t stop when bad things happen.. Life doesn’t say ‘let me take it easy’.. Life asks.. “If you really want to be this person you’re striving to be – let’s see how positive and strong you are when the storm comes. 
Let me show you who your support system really consists of. Let me show you.. Motivation doesn’t come from Quotes, Songs or Books.. It comes from Within.. It comes from your desire to Overcome Adversity.. It comes from you experiencing a series of consecutive events within a given period of time. Most of which – you won’t be able to be transparent with. 
However, if you are who you claim to be.. You will make it through the storm.. Not as the same person.. But a new person re-centered, recommitted, refocused, free of the things that once held you back from reaching your true potential. Your lows will force you into survival mode, self-destructive mode or Champion mode. 
From my experience.. It’s been all three.. Champions know when the bottom is closer than its ever been and seek Help.. Personal and Professional. Champions understand Pain can exist in many different forms at the same time and during this times.. Your mind, body and soul will all be tested. But most importantly – regardless of the tests.. Losing isn’t an option.. Adversities turn into Lessons.. Lessons turn into changes… Changes turn into Strength and Ultimately – just when you’ve fought, cried and hurt enough.. You rise. 

I may not immediately be Great.. But Absolutely and Definitely. 

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