We can NOT get to where WE want to be if we are not willing to Change.

As much as I would love to be partying and hanging out every night, buying things to imitate success.. It would completely prevent me from being the person I need to be – to actually be successful.

Those hangovers and late-nights during the week – that kill the next days productivity (if it existed at all or thoughts of creating it).. spending money that can be used to build wealth and move me, my family and friends into better neighborhoods with better resources.. Creating and Investing in our businesses to help us support ourselves, while providing job opportunities for others..

There will be a day when you will not be satisfied with creating the illusion of success.. Boxes of sneakers, shoes, clothes full of clothes while living in someone elses apt, with no job or a dead end job – taking bathroom selfies in their bathroom.. Instead of maximizing on the opportunity to learn from upper management.

Spending days and nights watching people on social networks that mimic your behaviors or share your mentality.

Meeting misc people that add little to no value to your life other than a quick escape from today’s reality.

Guess what?

Those days turn into years.. Then you look back and say.. “All that for what??”.. NOTHING.

This isn’t about a quote or motivation. It’s real life.. Suppressing today won’t make tomorrow better. Your actions or lack of actions will help or destroy you.

All the followers, likes and comments in the world, aren’t worth sacrificing your life. Or are they?

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