If we start our New Years changes and commitments now.. By Jan 1st 2014 – it will become a habit..

We can consider the utilizing the following strategies to prepare for the new year.

1. Evaluate our spending trends with mint.com and the mint app..

2. Use our Calendar to allocate time for things you need and want to do.

3. Log tasks by Categories in the Wunderlist app.

4. Read one book per week (any topic is fine). Visit Amazon.com for eBooks and book delivery, Audible.com for Audio-books, visit local libraries or find a local book store via Google.

5. Eat at least 3 meals a day and try to make at least two of those meals be healthy.

6. Take Multivitamins and Supplements to give your body the necessary ingredients it needs to help you function at a high level. GNC offers really good chewable vitamins and they have a texture similar to Starbursts. I take Calcuim, B12, Omega 3 and Vitamin C daily in addition to my multivitamin (All chewable and very easy to take).

7. Set a reminder to meditate at least once a day for 10 mins.. No phone, no TV, no music.. Just you all alone to your thoughts

8. Make a point to learn something new everyday. Google a specific subject and it’s associated Blogs. Before the data is converted to books.. Most of it can be found in Blogs and Magazines.

9. Use the next 31 days to ask your closest friends and family their opinions of you. Don’t respond to their answer.. Just say “Thank You”. Use that information to help you reflect and re-evaluate yourself.

10. Share information you believe will add value to other peoples lives. Become a channel of value.. By adding value to others, we add value to ourselves.