You can tell what a person’s commitments are, by the things they spend their money on. 

The following questions will help you determine if you’ve used or plan to use your tax money wisely this year by investing in yourself. 

Have you signed up for any personal training or book subscriptions? I suggest audiobooks, Oyster eBooks subscription, and technology training for apps, software and various of technology training. 

Have you paid your Gym Subscription for the year? 

Have you brought the books and materials you need to teach yourself how to master your trade? 

Have you Reviewed your credit report and paid off your debtors? 

Did you sign up for the training courses your job wouldn’t pay for – just to show your level of commitment to yourself? 

Did you pay someone to review your resume / cover letter and enhance it for you? 

Did you go to and start your new company? 

Did you pay someone to create a website for you? 

Did you buy the clothes you need to attend career workshops, networking functions, interviews and other potential business opportunities?

Did you pay to remove those tattoos in areas – that would ultimately prevent you from getting the job / opportunity you’ve always wanted? 

Did you buy a brand new computer, laptop with a printer / scanner, that will empower you to perform critical functions, utilize online training,  research and process information that will ultimately change your situation? 

Did you sign up for ToastMasters international to help you with Public Speaking and Presentation?

Did you enroll in that course you couldn’t afford before?

If we claim to want more for ourselves and our families, our spending habits should reflect those values.