There will come a time when you’re so busy chasing the horizon, focusing on tomorrow – that you’ll completely lose your ability to enjoy today.

To gain balance, you’ll begin to try different strategies and techniques.. many of them will be wrong. At that point and only at that point.. you’ll realize you are exactly where you need to be at this point in your life.

You’ll learn what got you here, won’t get you there.

You’ll learn it takes a different quality of person to get to the next level.

This person is ‘less talk and more action’

This person doesn’t ‘work hard on busy work, they work focus their energy producing the results they want’

This person ‘focuses completely on the task at hand’

This person ‘focuses on one thing at a time’ because this person knows ‘multitasking is the least productive thing you can do’..

This person knows ‘how to disconnect and conserve their energy for activities that produce tangible results..’

This person knows ‘you don’t treat people how they treat you.. you treat them better than they treat you”..

This person knows ‘people grow when they’re ready.. not when you’re ready’

This person knows ‘not to date – every person that catches your eyes because despite their physical beauty – everyone does not deserve your time or energy’

This person knows “Success requires structure and stability”

This person knows ‘instant gratification will destroy you and everything you’ve built’..

This person knows ‘never spend more time working to achieve something, than you do actually appreciating – what you already have’