Happy 12th Birthday Nasir. The darkest day ever when I lost you Son.

I was a young misguided man caught up in the streets when you were born. I was hardened, ignorant and selfish. I didn’t have the healthcare insurance or resources that would’ve saved your life.

I take full responsibility for that. My tears and shame do nothing to bring you back. I try to conceal the hurt but it hurts more.. So I’ve committed myself to growing, improving my life and the lives of those around me. You should know I am making a valiant effort, but I can and will do more. 

I wish we could go to the Game and have some hot dogs and soda. You’d really like the Barclays Center here in Brooklyn. I can see you taking selfies in your Nets gear now. It’s so real to me. I can’t write more because my face is flooded and my stomach is cramping 🙁

But before I go.. You should know.. Things have changed Son, I’ve finally learned my decisions or lack of decisions doubt just affect me.. But everyone around me. 

Your siblings miss you so much, it’s not a day that goes by – I don’t think of you.  Although you born early and taken early, you are still here with us. 

Most importantly, despite what the papers say.. You are a LUTHAS and you will have an Official Memorial suited for a Prince. The world will know who you are. 

I give you my word. 

Love Always.. Daddy.