Thank You for the Adversity


Sometimes I jokingly think to myself - maybe God just doesn't want me to help people in life by showing empathy and compassion. Maybe I actually have to experience many [...]

Thank You for the Adversity2016-09-03T16:32:19-05:00

A Head’s Up..


There will come a time when you're so busy chasing the horizon, focusing on tomorrow - that you'll completely lose your ability to enjoy today. To gain balance, you'll begin [...]

A Head’s Up..2014-03-13T11:38:52-05:00

Critical Conversations


The most important conversation you have everyday is the one you have with yourself. Choose your words and responses wisely.. Their guide your decisions and actions.

Critical Conversations2014-01-12T19:33:49-05:00

Confidence vs Arrogance


Sometimes we can be overconfident or believe we're better or smarter than we really are. This misjudgment ultimately limits our growth. Its important to have confidence and a sense of [...]

Confidence vs Arrogance2013-09-06T01:22:24-05:00

Overcoming Challenges


There will be projects or situations we go into, knowing it wont be easy, knowing it will come with its fair share of challenges and difficulties. In this cases, we [...]

Overcoming Challenges2013-09-06T00:24:54-05:00
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