My Declaration of Independence


In this phase of my life coined the "Stabilzation Phase", I'm having a hard time trying to maintain and manage several old friendships. Common examples would be: - Frequent references [...]

My Declaration of Independence2013-10-10T09:13:02-05:00

Re-Establishing Productive Habits


In life, there will be events which will cause you to break your productive routine. When this happens, don't beat yourself up, just allow yourself a grace period (a readjustment [...]

Re-Establishing Productive Habits2013-09-25T05:37:41-05:00

Become the Person..


How do you become the person you desire to be? You start now to adopt the thinking, learn the skills and develop the habits of the person you wish to [...]

Become the Person..2013-09-23T13:17:33-05:00

Philosophy and Influence


Through this Transition process, I'm noticing gradiual changes in my Philosophies.  For example.. At work I embrace the "dress and act like the Company CEO or Director" model.. Through my [...]

Philosophy and Influence2013-09-22T11:01:31-05:00
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