Please tell me.. How does it feel to CONSTANTLY sacrifice? To love us unconditionally? To raise us to grow into good moral adults? To cook, clean, work, run a household, help with homework? Kiss a boo-boo? Read bedtime stories, take us to the dentist, doctor and library? To stay up late when we’re sick? To wake up in the middle of the night to calm us after a bad dream? To strive to give us every opportunity that you did not have? To deal with our Fathers (the good and those that have yet to grow into that role)?

I know I wasn’t the greatest Son or Grandson.. But still I’m loved.. Still I’m accepted. How do Mothers do that? I need to know.

They said God created all Men equal.. But you can’t tell me HE didn’t put more into the MOMMY RECIPE.. If HE made man just below the Angels, I know Mothers must be Angels.