Sometimes I jokingly think to myself – maybe God just doesn’t want me to help people in life by showing empathy and compassion. Maybe I actually have to experience many of the hard ships personally, so that I can identify with the people I intend to help. 

It’s already been a rough few months dealing with my recovery and rehabilitation. But I guess, I didn’t realize how good I still had it. 

I watched my Auntie pass a few days ago in ICU. She always demanded and expected the most from me. I remember our conversations.. I remember Her voice clearly saying “you can do better – be grateful but never content.”  She never had any kids of her own – but there was no denying she considered me to be Her Son and I considered Her to be my Mother. I sat by her Bed and promised her – I would recover and be the Greatest Man ever to walk this earth. I would pass her Jewels on to everyone and we would all strive. 

Two days later after my Aunt died.. I slipped in the street – dislocated my knee and ultimately tore my ACL. Now I’m in bed.. Crutches to the side.. Leg Brace temporarily off.. Knee elevated with a bag of Ice of it. 

Using everything within me to stay positive and keep my commitments. Thank you for the advertisity. I will not Lose.