I know it’s discouraging when you’re working on changing your habits and becoming a better person. 

Some days are harder than others. Some days you’ll be stronger and more committed than others, while others – you’ll feel like doing absolutely nothing. Its ok.. 

When I started my change process, I used the “one day on, one day off” strategy. I would allow myself to be comfortable every other day... NEVER two days in a row. 

After awhile, It turned into “no off days”.. Just hours when I would relax. For example, I start off everyday on Max Effort. When I feel overwhelmed or overworked.. I rest.. Then I get back to it.

Night time is my personal time, I do what I like to do. If there’s nothing exciting happening, I get back to reading or working on one of my projects. 

On a daily basis, I hover around 90% productivity. You might be wondering.. when I play? On Vacations and Weekends – I hover around 150% Fun lol. For some reason, I’m really good at playing lol.

I’ve been blessed with Excellent Management at the United Nations, they’re awesome Leaders. Organized, well structured, encouraging and always  looking for ways to improve processes. However, the most valuable lesson, they’ve taught me is – the value of personal time and family time.

In conclusion.. Trust the process.. start slow.. 1 day on.. 1 day off .. Trust me it works.