There will come a day when reaching your dreams and accomplishing your major goals, will mean more than planning – for your birthday celebration.

There will be a day when reciting quotes and reposting positive messages just wont cut it.

There will be a day where you “define yourself” – by the things you actually do.. Not the things you say.

There will be a day when you’ll have to ignore the phone calls, texting and emails.. Just to stay focused on the task at hand.

There will be a day when your Friday night consists of Pandora’s “Classical Piano Station”, a Laptop and Ritz crackers..

There will come a day when you’ll refuse to scroll through your social feed because you know, it’ll kill your focus and make you think of everything else – but what actually needs to be done.

But there will also come a day..

When you’re laid back on the Yacht, somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea watching the Sunrise and Sunset with your closest friends.

On this day.. Those other days will be nothing but random memories for your testimony.

I know that its coming. I feel it..