GET USED TO IT MAN!! It comes with the Dream..

In our attempts to be more efficient and productive.. We will encounter headaches, stress, frustration and other uncomfortable feelings. Usually, we would stop and complain – when we feel overwhelmed and say “Forget it.. I need a break..”

The reality is when we want to become something, do something or achieve something – we can’t afford to stop. Becoming Successful at anything requires that we are Uncomfortable at times – much more so than before.

Being comfortable is for our days off. Being comfortable is for when – we’re with our Family, Friends and Loved Ones.. not when we’re Working towards Greatness or Achievement.

Do you think it was comfortable for the People that changed history when they were creating change or creating products that ultimately changed their Eco-System or world?

No.. But they sacrificed – so they could fulfill their Visions of what they believed in. We’ve heard and read about plenty of success stories – that involve the uncomfortable experiences Successful people have encountered on their way to Greatness.

The most important conversations we have are the conversations we have with ourselves.

When we feel Uncomfortable – we must be emphatic and passionate with our self-talk.

Nothing shocks your feeling of quitting like constantly telling yourself – “GET USED TO IT MAN!! It comes with the Dream..”

So get comfortable with being Uncomfortable.. the pavement is comfortable to walk on – but no Flowers will ever grow on it 🙂

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