God’s Response To My Prayer

I know what you’re going through and I want you to be strong throughout the process. I’ve protected you throughout your life and I won’t stop now. You will overcome this adversity and you will be the Man I’ve created you to be.

I knew the process would be extremely difficult for you, so I’ve sent a few of my Angels to watch over you and keep you strong when you feel weak and alone. These Angels are the Family and Friends that love and support you even when you push them away. They’ve been telling me you’ve been extremely difficult lately, so I need you to calm down – I got you. I know you’re out of your comfort zone and I know you want ‘your’ life back. You need to learn – that life is over. I needed to break you down and build you up with a new improved foundation. 

Do you truly realize how important you are to me. Your acts of selflessness and unwavering passion to help others. I gave you Ambition, Relentless, Understanding and a sensitivity towards people in need. I gave you your Dreams of Changing the World and building Facilities around the world to equip people in need. I gave you opportunities that you know wouldn’t exist – if it wasn’t for my Grace. All these things and more because I Love You. 

I’ve guided your steps and picked you up from your missteps. I’ve designed each of your experiences in such a way that you would be able to identify with My Children. I know you’ve experienced a broad array of extremes but when you sit face to face with someone and say “I understand because I’ve been there before..” – then proceed to sharing your testimony. My Children will be empowered. 

Remember your Purpose Son.. You will be the Man I’ve created you to be. 

– God

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