Growth is Not an event.. It’s a Process

If we want to be something, get something or achieve something.

We must become the person that is “something”, obtained “something” or achieved “something”.

Our behavior and character has to mimic that persons behavior and character. We must analyze the contrast between you and that person (the person you want to become).

The person we want to become effectively manages time and uses time as a tool.

One strategy would be.. waking up and being productive earlier.. If we wake up at 4am.. we can start producing by 5am.

We will start the process of completing goals by Identifying and completing activities with focused energy.

It’s not enough to know something.. we must effectively apply the knowledge

It’s not enough to want something.. we must manage our energy, time and resources to get what we want

If we truly want to be successful.. We must be brutally honest with ourselves. Am I fraud? Why do I say I know this? Or want that? When my behavior and actions highlight the opposite? What am I going to do change that? Do I need help? What will I stop doing? What will I start doing?

Everyday won’t be perfect.. We may be inconsistent at times, but don’t worry. Reflect on what made you inconsistent.. Ask yourself – where did I go wrong?

There’s a difference between reflecting and beating yourself up. Reflection is “I messed up.. why did I mess up? What changes can be made? What changes will I make?

The key is to never stop trying.

Remember Growth is Not an event.. It’s a Process.

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