I almost Died but..

Dear Readers,

First and foremost – I would like to say Thank You for your support throughout the years..

I think you deserve an explanation..

This website luthas.com reached 1 million visitors – almost a year after my first post. I was blown away honestly. I had the basic wordpress.com site and many of my friends and colleagues suggested I should move to ‘a real platform’ and put ads on my page.. Initially, I was hesitant – because the goal wasn’t sharing strategies for money. It was share what you’ve learned and hope Readers find some sort of value in it. The issue later became – the tools I’ve needed \ wanted for the site were unable on that platform. So I’ve switch to a ‘Hosted Platform’ with ambitions of giving you guys the full gambit!

The only issue was – I was super busy at work, moving into my new place, and somehow thinking – I could easily move the website without any issue. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out that way.

I was Blessed with the opportunity to move from Brooklyn to New Jersey. My Children would be exposed to a new environment and endless opportunities to meet successful people. Two weeks after moving to this beautiful place – my World and everything I knew to be.. Just crumbled.

I began experiencing tremendous pain in my lower abdomen, so a good friend of mine – drove me to the Emergency Room. On the first night of being in the hospital – my phone fell of the hospital bed and the screen cracked.. It was useless. I couldn’t contact anyone and I was completely alone..

The Doctors explained – I needed to be sedated in order for me to undergo some medical examinations. During the examination – I woke up dazed and confused.. the Doctors held me down as I was trying to get up.. Then it went dark. I woke up in ICU with tons of equipment hooked up to me. Angry and Confused.. I demanded an explanation.. the Anesthesiologist didn’t give me the correct amount of medication to keep me sedated throughout the process. I aspirated (the acid from my stomach went into my lungs) causing one lung to collapse and another one to be barely functional. I was diagnosed with some form of severe life threatening pneumonia.

I began thinking about my Kids.. Where I came from.. All of the things I’ve overcame to get to this point in life.. All the people I’ve helped and want to help with The Luthas Center.. Only to almost die – over something I had zero control over.. The medication they used to ‘help’ me had me hallucinating.. Hallucinating is the equivalent of HELL.. Combine that with the tubes in me and constant beeping from the machines.. You see the picture..


The Doctors told me I needed to be put into a medically induced coma for a day while they cleared and restored my lungs. I was hurt, weak and angry all at the same time. So many questions.. What would happen to my Family if I die? Will I have a job? What happens to my beautiful new home? Why is God doing this to me? Is this how my life ends? “Fear, Anger and Pain”

I wanted to be transferred to another hospital and I wanted “MY” Doctor.. The Doctor I’ve known and trusted for years.. But in my condition.. I would’ve died in the process..

I remember laying in the hospital room hooked up to these big loud machines.. Listening to my Family and Friends forcing me to approve the medically induced coma. “Fear, Anger and Pain”.. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.. Eventually, I agreed and Hell opened its gates.. (not sure any other way to explain what I was about to experience..) The one day Coma turned into 10 days.. Imagine being in an endless nightmare for 10 days.. My Mind became my Enemy..

I eventually woke up.. The Nurse came in the room and asked me a few questions.. One of them being.. “Mr Luthas I’m going to remove a few tubes now.” For the sake of your stomach.. I won’t share that part. But I will say.. As a MAN.. I felt violated.

Eventually, my Family and Friends came (not sure how they found me – but they did). All of the Balloons, Cards and Gifts were a welcomed sight. However, I was drugged up, dazed and looked like Tom Hanks in “Cast Away”. I had Zero motor skills.. Moving wasn’t an option.. I was too weak.. Feeding myself or picking up anything seemed like a pipe dream.

As I began to regain consciousness – I thought about my Job. I’ve always been a “worker”.. I take pride in being dependable and helpful to my coworkers – whom I refer to as my Family. I have no phone.. No means to contact them.. I let them down.. I felt horrible. It’s strange that I would feel that way but I did.. We went through the trenches together and I wasn’t there. Once I’ve spoken to HR and they’ve told be – don’t worry your job.. Get better. It will be here when you return. “WOW…”

At that very moment.. tears ran down my eyes like waterfalls.. I’m alive.. My Family and Friends are here.. And I still have my Job. I closed my eyes as the tears fell and I could picture God winking at me saying “I’m not done with you yet Son.”

Sitting in the hospital doing nothing isn’t for me.. Eventually, someone brought me my laptop and iPad.. I began listening to my Audiobooks. I remember talking to the nurses and hospital workers.. Giving them book recommendations.. Tips on life.. (mind you.. I’m still in bed). I’ve just felt even more inclined that ever to help people. Especially them.. The Ice Chips and Apple Juice they gave me were the equivalent of Steak and Lobster. You’d be surprised how much you appreciate the simple things after almost dying.

Eventually, I was released with a huge bag of medication and rehabilitation material. I’ll be honest with you.. I’m still struggling with a variety of things.. Mostly Mental. I have my good days and bad days. But I’ve been blessed, to still have God’s Favor over my life. There’s a lot more – I’d like to share with you.. But I’ll wait until I’ve completely recovered. You’ve probably noticed the site has been down a time or two and I haven’t posted much in the last two years.. I’ve actually started writing this article a year ago.

“Small Changes consistently implemented produce Huge Results..”

Words couldn’t express the gratitude I have for my Friends and Family for their patience and support throughout these years. The late nights.. The endless nights.. The doctor’s visits.. The recovery.. The Struggle has been real.

As for my Employer and Co-Workers.. I can honestly say – the United Nations is the Greatest place to work. The Support, Understanding and special accommodations have been so critical in helping me through this healing process. I plan to make a full recovery and be one of the Organizations greatest assets.

God will never give you more than you can bare..


Please feel free to share.

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  1. Gustavo Méndez Casero
    Jan 26, 2017 - 05:28 PM

    Thank you Luthas for your honesty. I came to this page accidentally, in such a stressful day as usual where I had planned to study some IT stuffs. But this lesson that you gave me is the best thing that happened to me in many time: thank you again.

    • dameluthas
      Jan 26, 2017 - 11:20 PM

      Dear Gustavo,

      Thank you for reading this article and sharing your genuine feelings. I try my best to be transparent by sharing my high and lows.. with the hopes of influencing others to live a more fulfilling life.

      Many Blessings


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