I had a Dream recently.. 

And in that dream I had only one Life.. Only One. 

One life to show my true character.. One life to leave my mark on the world.. One life to help my Family and Friends reach their true potential.. One life to use all of my God Given – gifts, talents and abilities..One life to overcome adversity.. One life to give more than I ask for.. One life to show gratitude for my Blessings.. One life to enjoy the moments.. One life to convert wants into goals and then into Reality. One life to understand Effort beats talent.. One life to understand I’m not a victim.. One life to let go of past hurt.. One life to forgive myself for my bad decisions and commit to never repeating them. One life to understand- if I can breathe – I have opportunity. One life to understand my past does not define me. One life to understand the difference between WORDS and WORK. One life to understand if I want to be Great – I need to have Great Qualities and Great Habits. 
Then I woke up and said “I will make it. Maybe not immediately but absolutely and DEFINITELY. There are no good reasons or excuses.. I am capable and I will put in the work.”

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