Improve Your Life by Adjusting Your Playlist

Most of my life I’ve preferred waking up to some type of Uptempo Music. It gets me going.. moving and grooving while getting dressed. Until one day.. I began to realize how influential music was to my mood and thought process. It didn’t matter if it was Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, Gospel or Country (yes I listen to all types of music), there was an influence of types.

I found a tool called YouTube Downloader and began downloading Motivation Speeches, Interviews, etc. it was ok but not enough.

I moved on to Amazon’s Audible and I would’ve never imagined the volume of information I could receive by listening to AudioBooks. To date, I’m sure I’ve listened to hundreds of books. The only issue was an occasional hit or miss.. then I’d call the Audible Support number and request to return the Audiobook. A few seconds later.. my account is credited and I move on to the next book.

After years of listening to Audiobooks I decided to try Podcasts. I can honestly say, Podcasts have become my favorite. I can google a subject – then add best podcast. Google returns a list of the best podcasts in the specific subject. Podcasts are an accumulation of great raw information and conversations. It’s like walking into a room and listening to a great conversation.

I’ve subscribed to over 100 Podcasts but the ones below I think you’d enjoy while getting dressed, commuting, working, cooking or just relaxing.




Cognitive Development / Productivity


Self Improvement Discussions (High School +)


Leadership and Management


Social Discussions








Starting a Podcast


General Technology





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