Improve Your Quality Of Life By Understanding And Resolving The Root Cause Of Your Problems

Success is many different things to many people. The more of life you experience, the more your definition of success will change.

One day you will want or need to stop, reflect and thoroughly evaluate your life and the decisions you’ve made. (Remember not making a decision – is still a decision).

At that point – you may want or need to make some drastic changes in your life, whether it’s to reach a goal or make a major overhaul and reinvent yourself. Trust me.. that day will come (if it hasn’t already).

As you begin the process, I’d like you to remember.. you’re a person with limited resources (time, energy and money) at your disposal. The use or misuse of these resources has or had a Cost. Whether you’re aware of it, chose to acknowledge it or just don’t care. There’s still a cost.. And will life presents you with the Bill.. Be prepared and willing to pay it – with a smile on your face, because there is no other option. Don’t wish it was easier.. Just wish and make yourself Better.

Now let’s assume you have a need to: change a bad habit, get a job, get a better job, go to school, get better grades in school, identify your passion, pursue your passion, start a business, improve your business, improve your health, improve your core relationships with your family, fix your credit, stop an addiction, change your living situation, etc..

For you to change or do anything successfully – you must put forth Effort.. and guess what Effort requires? It requires one or all of your Resources (Time, Energy, Money).

Knowing your resources are limited, it’s important you identify the root cause(s) of your problems. To help with this, I’ve provided a few bits of information below will help you focus on the Root Cause NOT the Symptoms.

  • You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with
  • Your current situation in life is the sum of your Environment, Influences, Thoughts, Words, Actions (behaviors) and Habits
  • Your habits are formed by your actions
  • Your actions, words and thoughts are the created by:
    • You (Self-talk, Previous Experiences, Senses, Your Physical \ Mental Health)
    • Your Influences
      • People – All of your relationships (Family, Intimate, Friend or Associate), good or bad. Just being with around people affect your decisions by unconsciously causing you to consider some choices as options – while making other choices seem less likely
      • Media –  Music may be the most obvious as it immediately causes an emotional reaction based on the song. While we may admit to Music’s influence – we may be completely oblivious to how things we see on the Internet \ Social Media, read in a Book or heard on the news can influence our decisions. The worst part is the information doesn’t even have to be accurate.. It will still influence us.
    • Your Environment
      • Environment isn’t limited to your neighborhood. It also includes your home, workplace, school and any other place you visit or stay
      • Culture is one of the most important environmental factors that shape our personality. The definition of Culture explicitly states “the term culture refers to all of the beliefs, customs, ideas, behaviors, and traditions of a particular society that are passed through generations. It defines which traits and behaviors are considered important, desirable, or undesirable

I’ve learned you can’t fix a problem with the same mentality in which it was created. This information focuses on “the root cause(s)” not the symptoms. As you seek to improve your quality of life, you’ll be able to backtrack to the source and create your solution by asking a few questions..

Identify any of the factors below which are NOT conducive to the Quality of Life I want for myself and \ or my Family? How can I change them? How can reduce their impact?

    1. Environment
    2. Influences
    3. My Habits
    4. My Actions \ Behaviors
    5. My Words
    6. My Thoughts


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