No Social Media posting or watching before 4pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The goal being to be completed disconnected the first 10 hours of your day. 

Here is the Behavior Structuring Strategy: 
1. Disable all social media notifications before going to sleep tonight 

2.  Move / group all social media applications to your last screen or delete them from your phone if you have to. 

Using the disconnect time wisely: 

1 – Create 3 small but important productive tasks / goals to complete each day before “re-connecting” at 4pm. 

2 – Read and Research other topics that interest you

3 – Work on your résumé, go on interviews, incorporate your business, start or update your blog

4 – Review your finances and setup your Mint account to review how your money is being spent

5 – Get your free credit report from and dispute all negative items using the online tools. If the creditor doesn’t respond within 30 days – the items are removed from your credit report. 

6. Catch up on projects at work, school assignments or house chores. We all have something that we’ve neglected or postponed – now is the time to get that completed. 

7. Exercise. I know it feels weird going to the gym without taking selfies or Checkin on Facebook – but you’ll notice how much more effective your workout will be. 

8. Meditate. Use the time to sit still, think and relax. You’ll be surprised how creative you can be when your mind isn’t flooded with constant streams of information from Social Media.

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