If we invest nothing, nothing changes and we remain in the same situation. Agreed?

With that being said..

How much time, energy and money did you spend investing – in yourself today? .

If you’re not pleased with the answer, what distractions did you allow to prevent you from making progress?

Did you gain any value from them?

Was there a co-worker, friend or family member that prevented you from being productive? Is this something they normally do? Can you seek to slowly reduce the time spent with this person or person(s)?

Did you add any value to anyone else?

Are you content repeating this pattern and replicating the same results?

Do I really want to improve my Quality of Life? If so.. What is ONE thing I will commit to do differently tomorrow?

Do I need assistance or can I do it alone? Who can help me?

Get up.. Walk to the closest mirror and raise your right arm. There’s your answer.