Mastering Adversity

Embrace adversity.
Smile at it when you see it coming.
Hug it when it arrives.
Wink at when it leaves.
Those times you’re not able to make a decision.. Adversity forces you to act.
Those times you’re questioning a situation.. Adversity is there to provide clarity.
Shortly after that moment of genius which inspires you proclaim a new goal.. Adversity arrives a few moments later, ready to test your fortitude.
Those times you’re not quite sure who’s on your team.. Adversity shows up to hand out ‘away jerseys’.
If want to avoid Adversity – do nothing, say nothing and be nothing.
But for those of us who are unwilling to accept mediocrity – take out an extra toothbrush and prepare the guest room. Adversity will be moving in with you and she’ll definitely bring her friends Frustration, Pain and Failure.
It’s not about what happens, it’s how we respond to what happens.
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