Thank You For The Adversity

Thank You For The Adversity

Sometimes I jokingly think to myself – maybe God just doesn’t want me to help people in life by showing empathy and compassion. Maybe I actually have to experience many of the hard ships personally, so that I can identify with the people I intend to help. 
It’s already been a rough few months dealing with my recovery and rehabilitation. But I guess, I didn’t realize how good I still had it. 
I watched my Auntie pass a few days ago in ICU. She always demanded and expected the most from me. I remember our conversations.. I remember Her voice clearly saying “you can do better – be grateful but never content.” She never had any kids of her own – but there was no denying she considered me to be Her Son and I considered Her to be my Mother. 
I sat by her Bed and promised her – I would recover and be the Greatest Man ever to walk this earth. I would pass her Jewels on to everyone and we would all strive. 

Two days after my Aunt died.. I slipped in the street – dislocated my knee and ultimately tore my ACL. Now I’m in bed.. Crutches to the side.. Leg Brace temporarily off.. Knee elevated with a bag of Ice of it. 

Using everything within me to stay positive and keep my commitments. Thank you for the advertisity. I will not Lose. 

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God’s Response To My Prayer

I know what you’re going through and I want you to be strong throughout the process. I’ve protected you throughout your life and I won’t stop now. You will overcome this adversity and you will be the Man I’ve created you to be.

I knew the process would be extremely difficult for you, so I’ve sent a few of my Angels to watch over you and keep you strong when you feel weak and alone. These Angels are the Family and Friends that love and support you even when you push them away. They’ve been telling me you’ve been extremely difficult lately, so I need you to calm down – I got you. I know you’re out of your comfort zone and I know you want ‘your’ life back. You need to learn – that life is over. I needed to break you down and build you up with a new improved foundation. 

Do you truly realize how important you are to me. Your acts of selflessness and unwavering passion to help others. I gave you Ambition, Relentless, Understanding and a sensitivity towards people in need. I gave you your Dreams of Changing the World and building Facilities around the world to equip people in need. I gave you opportunities that you know wouldn’t exist – if it wasn’t for my Grace. All these things and more because I Love You. 

I’ve guided your steps and picked you up from your missteps. I’ve designed each of your experiences in such a way that you would be able to identify with My Children. I know you’ve experienced a broad array of extremes but when you sit face to face with someone and say “I understand because I’ve been there before..” – then proceed to sharing your testimony. My Children will be empowered. 

Remember your Purpose Son.. You will be the Man I’ve created you to be. 

– God

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I had a Dream recently.. 

And in that dream I had only one Life.. Only One. 

One life to show my true character.. One life to leave my mark on the world.. One life to help my Family and Friends reach their true potential.. One life to use all of my God Given – gifts, talents and abilities..One life to overcome adversity.. One life to give more than I ask for.. One life to show gratitude for my Blessings.. One life to enjoy the moments.. One life to convert wants into goals and then into Reality. One life to understand Effort beats talent.. One life to understand I’m not a victim.. One life to let go of past hurt.. One life to forgive myself for my bad decisions and commit to never repeating them. One life to understand- if I can breathe – I have opportunity. One life to understand my past does not define me. One life to understand the difference between WORDS and WORK. One life to understand if I want to be Great – I need to have Great Qualities and Great Habits. 
Then I woke up and said “I will make it. Maybe not immediately but absolutely and DEFINITELY. There are no good reasons or excuses.. I am capable and I will put in the work.”

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I almost Died but..

Dear Readers,

First and foremost – I would like to say Thank You for your support throughout the years..

I think you deserve an explanation..

This website reached 1 million visitors – almost a year after my first post. I was blown away honestly. I had the basic site and many of my friends and colleagues suggested I should move to ‘a real platform’ and put ads on my page.. Initially, I was hesitant – because the goal wasn’t sharing strategies for money. It was share what you’ve learned and hope Readers find some sort of value in it. The issue later became – the tools I’ve needed \ wanted for the site were unable on that platform. So I’ve switch to a ‘Hosted Platform’ with ambitions of giving you guys the full gambit!

The only issue was – I was super busy at work, moving into my new place, and somehow thinking – I could easily move the website without any issue. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out that way.

I was Blessed with the opportunity to move from Brooklyn to New Jersey. My Children would be exposed to a new environment and endless opportunities to meet successful people. Two weeks after moving to this beautiful place – my World and everything I knew to be.. Just crumbled.

I began experiencing tremendous pain in my lower abdomen, so a good friend of mine – drove me to the Emergency Room. On the first night of being in the hospital – my phone fell of the hospital bed and the screen cracked.. It was useless. I couldn’t contact anyone and I was completely alone..

The Doctors explained – I needed to be sedated in order for me to undergo some medical examinations. During the examination – I woke up dazed and confused.. the Doctors held me down as I was trying to get up.. Then it went dark. I woke up in ICU with tons of equipment hooked up to me. Angry and Confused.. I demanded an explanation.. the Anesthesiologist didn’t give me the correct amount of medication to keep me sedated throughout the process. I aspirated (the acid from my stomach went into my lungs) causing one lung to collapse and another one to be barely functional. I was diagnosed with some form of severe life threatening pneumonia.

I began thinking about my Kids.. Where I came from.. All of the things I’ve overcame to get to this point in life.. All the people I’ve helped and want to help with The Luthas Center.. Only to almost die – over something I had zero control over.. The medication they used to ‘help’ me had me hallucinating.. Hallucinating is the equivalent of HELL.. Combine that with the tubes in me and constant beeping from the machines.. You see the picture..


The Doctors told me I needed to be put into a medically induced coma for a day while they cleared and restored my lungs. I was hurt, weak and angry all at the same time. So many questions.. What would happen to my Family if I die? Will I have a job? What happens to my beautiful new home? Why is God doing this to me? Is this how my life ends? “Fear, Anger and Pain”

I wanted to be transferred to another hospital and I wanted “MY” Doctor.. The Doctor I’ve known and trusted for years.. But in my condition.. I would’ve died in the process..

I remember laying in the hospital room hooked up to these big loud machines.. Listening to my Family and Friends forcing me to approve the medically induced coma. “Fear, Anger and Pain”.. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.. Eventually, I agreed and Hell opened its gates.. (not sure any other way to explain what I was about to experience..) The one day Coma turned into 10 days.. Imagine being in an endless nightmare for 10 days.. My Mind became my Enemy..

I eventually woke up.. The Nurse came in the room and asked me a few questions.. One of them being.. “Mr Luthas I’m going to remove a few tubes now.” For the sake of your stomach.. I won’t share that part. But I will say.. As a MAN.. I felt violated.

Eventually, my Family and Friends came (not sure how they found me – but they did). All of the Balloons, Cards and Gifts were a welcomed sight. However, I was drugged up, dazed and looked like Tom Hanks in “Cast Away”. I had Zero motor skills.. Moving wasn’t an option.. I was too weak.. Feeding myself or picking up anything seemed like a pipe dream.

As I began to regain consciousness – I thought about my Job. I’ve always been a “worker”.. I take pride in being dependable and helpful to my coworkers – whom I refer to as my Family. I have no phone.. No means to contact them.. I let them down.. I felt horrible. It’s strange that I would feel that way but I did.. We went through the trenches together and I wasn’t there. Once I’ve spoken to HR and they’ve told be – don’t worry your job.. Get better. It will be here when you return. “WOW…”

At that very moment.. tears ran down my eyes like waterfalls.. I’m alive.. My Family and Friends are here.. And I still have my Job. I closed my eyes as the tears fell and I could picture God winking at me saying “I’m not done with you yet Son.”

Sitting in the hospital doing nothing isn’t for me.. Eventually, someone brought me my laptop and iPad.. I began listening to my Audiobooks. I remember talking to the nurses and hospital workers.. Giving them book recommendations.. Tips on life.. (mind you.. I’m still in bed). I’ve just felt even more inclined that ever to help people. Especially them.. The Ice Chips and Apple Juice they gave me were the equivalent of Steak and Lobster. You’d be surprised how much you appreciate the simple things after almost dying.

Eventually, I was released with a huge bag of medication and rehabilitation material. I’ll be honest with you.. I’m still struggling with a variety of things.. Mostly Mental. I have my good days and bad days. But I’ve been blessed, to still have God’s Favor over my life. There’s a lot more – I’d like to share with you.. But I’ll wait until I’ve completely recovered. You’ve probably noticed the site has been down a time or two and I haven’t posted much in the last two years.. I’ve actually started writing this article a year ago.

“Small Changes consistently implemented produce Huge Results..”

Words couldn’t express the gratitude I have for my Friends and Family for their patience and support throughout these years. The late nights.. The endless nights.. The doctor’s visits.. The recovery.. The Struggle has been real.

As for my Employer and Co-Workers.. I can honestly say – the United Nations is the Greatest place to work. The Support, Understanding and special accommodations have been so critical in helping me through this healing process. I plan to make a full recovery and be one of the Organizations greatest assets.

God will never give you more than you can bare..


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My Morning Motivation Apple Playlist

I thought I’d share my Morning Motivation playlist with you. The only requirement is that you have an IOS device / Apple Music subscription. 
My Favorite track is the “Oath of Champions”
Listen to Dame’s Powerful Statements playlist on Apple Music.

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Two Things You Should Do Before Starting Your Day

1. When you wake up.. as you lay in bed.. say “I am grateful for…” and keep going until you can think of at least 25 blessings you’re grateful for. This will remove many of your negative thoughts throughout the day and make you a much happier person.

2. Before starting your day, work, school or other.. raise your hands in the air (in the victory position) for 10 seconds and say “I am a Winner” continuously each time increasing your emotion each time. It might seem strange initially – but positive self talk combined with this gesture will ignite something within you.

If possible – share your feedback with me. I’d love to know if and how these two things have helped you.

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Improve Your Quality Of Life By Understanding And Resolving The Root Cause Of Your Problems

Success is many different things to many people. The more of life you experience, the more your definition of success will change.

One day you will want or need to stop, reflect and thoroughly evaluate your life and the decisions you’ve made. (Remember not making a decision – is still a decision).

At that point – you may want or need to make some drastic changes in your life, whether it’s to reach a goal or make a major overhaul and reinvent yourself. Trust me.. that day will come (if it hasn’t already).

As you begin the process, I’d like you to remember.. you’re a person with limited resources (time, energy and money) at your disposal. The use or misuse of these resources has or had a Cost. Whether you’re aware of it, chose to acknowledge it or just don’t care. There’s still a cost.. And will life presents you with the Bill.. Be prepared and willing to pay it – with a smile on your face, because there is no other option. Don’t wish it was easier.. Just wish and make yourself Better.

Now let’s assume you have a need to: change a bad habit, get a job, get a better job, go to school, get better grades in school, identify your passion, pursue your passion, start a business, improve your business, improve your health, improve your core relationships with your family, fix your credit, stop an addiction, change your living situation, etc..

For you to change or do anything successfully – you must put forth Effort.. and guess what Effort requires? It requires one or all of your Resources (Time, Energy, Money).

Knowing your resources are limited, it’s important you identify the root cause(s) of your problems. To help with this, I’ve provided a few bits of information below will help you focus on the Root Cause NOT the Symptoms.

  • You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with
  • Your current situation in life is the sum of your Environment, Influences, Thoughts, Words, Actions (behaviors) and Habits
  • Your habits are formed by your actions
  • Your actions, words and thoughts are the created by:
    • You (Self-talk, Previous Experiences, Senses, Your Physical \ Mental Health)
    • Your Influences
      • People – All of your relationships (Family, Intimate, Friend or Associate), good or bad. Just being with around people affect your decisions by unconsciously causing you to consider some choices as options – while making other choices seem less likely
      • Media –  Music may be the most obvious as it immediately causes an emotional reaction based on the song. While we may admit to Music’s influence – we may be completely oblivious to how things we see on the Internet \ Social Media, read in a Book or heard on the news can influence our decisions. The worst part is the information doesn’t even have to be accurate.. It will still influence us.
    • Your Environment
      • Environment isn’t limited to your neighborhood. It also includes your home, workplace, school and any other place you visit or stay
      • Culture is one of the most important environmental factors that shape our personality. The definition of Culture explicitly states “the term culture refers to all of the beliefs, customs, ideas, behaviors, and traditions of a particular society that are passed through generations. It defines which traits and behaviors are considered important, desirable, or undesirable

I’ve learned you can’t fix a problem with the same mentality in which it was created. This information focuses on “the root cause(s)” not the symptoms. As you seek to improve your quality of life, you’ll be able to backtrack to the source and create your solution by asking a few questions..

Identify any of the factors below which are NOT conducive to the Quality of Life I want for myself and \ or my Family? How can I change them? How can reduce their impact?

    1. Environment
    2. Influences
    3. My Habits
    4. My Actions \ Behaviors
    5. My Words
    6. My Thoughts


Please feel free to share.

Dame Luthas Mission Statement


My mission is to act as an instrument of positive change in my family, my work and my community. I will utilize all of the talents that God has given me and will participate in all aspects of my life with energy, purpose and gratitude. I will utilize my talents in strategy and administration to ensure that my home is loving and calm, my workplace is productive and positive and my community is responsive and growing. Through this focus I will give more than I take and will provide a positive role model for my children.


I am guided by a spiritual belief that everyone has a purpose on this earth and that we are all called to serve in some capacity. I also believe in the power of gratitude both as prayer and as a motivation to serve. I will not be guided by the promise of money or fame in making my life choices.

Important Relationships

I will love and care for my children. I will teach them to respect themselves and other people. I will never lose sight of the unique individuals that they are and will support them in the paths that they choice for themselves. I will give them my time and attention and as such will ensure that they always know that they are loved.


I will approach my job with energy and passion. I will find a position that allows me to utilize all of my talents. I will help facilitate organizational goals and will be a positive influence on my co-workers. I will never cheat myself or my employer by working solely for a paycheck. Should I ever find myself in that position I will find other employment.


I will participate in my community. I will participate in volunteer activities for my school, church and community to help ensure that my community prospers. I will be a willing volunteer and won’t hesitate to lend a helping hand when and where it is needed either locally or globally.


I will not compromise my principles and/or dreams based upon the opinion or disapproval of others. I will be true to myself and my purpose, in doing so I will be a better Father, Friend, Leader and employee.


I will gain academic knowledge through completion of continuous training. I will gain spiritual knowledge through the reading of cultural religious materials adult and a study of other religions. I will gain physical strength through continuation of physical training. I will gain wisdom by living my life in congruence with my life’s purpose. I will gain personnel strength through my faith.

Self-Esteem and Security

I measure my self-esteem by my ability to look at myself in a mirror and genuinely smile.
I derive my self-esteem through my ability to set goals and meet them. I have learned to set goals that I have personally have control over. I will keep and review a file containing previous successes that will serve as a reassurance and evidence – that I am a successful person.


I draw my strength from God. Specifically, I draw my strength from people and places where I see or feel a divine presence. I transform weaknesses into strengths by developing an action plan that divides big goals into very small steps. I find that if I take one small step every day pretty soon I am well on my way.


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The Importance of having a Strong Vocabulary

It’s impossible to become a great leader without being a great communicator.

Great communicators are skilled at reading people by sensing the moods, dynamics, attitudes, values and concerns of those being communicated with. Not only do they read their environment well, but they possess the ability to link the message with the environment without missing a beat.

It’s about meeting the needs and the expectations of those you’re communicating with..

This book is intended to assist us with that process.


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GET USED TO IT MAN!! It comes with the Dream..

In our attempts to be more efficient and productive.. We will encounter headaches, stress, frustration and other uncomfortable feelings. Usually, we would stop and complain – when we feel overwhelmed and say “Forget it.. I need a break..”

The reality is when we want to become something, do something or achieve something – we can’t afford to stop. Becoming Successful at anything requires that we are Uncomfortable at times – much more so than before.

Being comfortable is for our days off. Being comfortable is for when – we’re with our Family, Friends and Loved Ones.. not when we’re Working towards Greatness or Achievement.

Do you think it was comfortable for the People that changed history when they were creating change or creating products that ultimately changed their Eco-System or world?

No.. But they sacrificed – so they could fulfill their Visions of what they believed in. We’ve heard and read about plenty of success stories – that involve the uncomfortable experiences Successful people have encountered on their way to Greatness.

The most important conversations we have are the conversations we have with ourselves.

When we feel Uncomfortable – we must be emphatic and passionate with our self-talk.

Nothing shocks your feeling of quitting like constantly telling yourself – “GET USED TO IT MAN!! It comes with the Dream..”

So get comfortable with being Uncomfortable.. the pavement is comfortable to walk on – but no Flowers will ever grow on it 🙂

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Growth is Not an event.. It’s a Process

If we want to be something, get something or achieve something.

We must become the person that is “something”, obtained “something” or achieved “something”.

Our behavior and character has to mimic that persons behavior and character. We must analyze the contrast between you and that person (the person you want to become).

The person we want to become effectively manages time and uses time as a tool.

One strategy would be.. waking up and being productive earlier.. If we wake up at 4am.. we can start producing by 5am.

We will start the process of completing goals by Identifying and completing activities with focused energy.

It’s not enough to know something.. we must effectively apply the knowledge

It’s not enough to want something.. we must manage our energy, time and resources to get what we want

If we truly want to be successful.. We must be brutally honest with ourselves. Am I fraud? Why do I say I know this? Or want that? When my behavior and actions highlight the opposite? What am I going to do change that? Do I need help? What will I stop doing? What will I start doing?

Everyday won’t be perfect.. We may be inconsistent at times, but don’t worry. Reflect on what made you inconsistent.. Ask yourself – where did I go wrong?

There’s a difference between reflecting and beating yourself up. Reflection is “I messed up.. why did I mess up? What changes can be made? What changes will I make?

The key is to never stop trying.

Remember Growth is Not an event.. It’s a Process.

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10 Daily Steps to Activate your Greatness

1. Create 3 small Goals & complete them before bed.

2. Use your INFLUENCE to help others

3. Work Harder on yourself than you do anything else

4. Focus on ACTIONS not words

5. Be better today, than we were yesterday

6. Read for a least 1 hour

7. 1 hour of Physical Activity

8. Write down all Productive Ideas

9. Its not about what happens to you, it’s about how you respond to it

10. Set out to Learn something new everyday and apply it to your life.

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5 Things You Should Do Before Bed Tonight

1. Write an email to yourself and make the subject

“From 2014 me to 2015 me”

In the body of the email – do the following:

2. Identify and write about your challenges

3. Things you’ve overcame in 2014

4. Things you will improve upon in 2015

5. Identify which three things you will do to improve your quality of life in 2015


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Relationships and their Effect on our Lives

I believe sometimes we refuse to have relationships with some people because we know they will challenge us to improve and expose us to different things. Whether its the lack of confidence in ourselves or refusal to leave our comfort zone.

Look at your current situation.. Then look at the person or people you’ve dated. Their influence or lack of influence is 50% of the reason you’re where you are today.

As Leaders and Changers we must challenge ourselves and surround ourselves with others that will teach, motivate and inspire us to improve.

Otherwise, I can assure you.. Five years from now.. You will be exactly where you are now or worst.

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Why We Need Two Lists – Will Do and Won’t Do

We all have a list of all the things we WOULD do – once we accomplish or obtain something significant in life. This vision is extremely important, however there should also be a list called ‘destructive items’ – which consists of behaviors and people that could sabotage our success.

If we forget this, we could risk losing what we worked so hard to accomplish.

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Dysfunctional Behavior

Sometimes you don’t realize how dysfunctional your behavior until your audience and environment changes. What you always assumed was normal becomes dysfunctional.

One bad behavioral trait can destroy good friendships, careers and possibly everything you’ve worked for. Pay attention to those that warn you.. They could be saving your life.

Your talent can take you somewhere, your character won’t keep you.

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30+ Awesome Websites that Make you Smarter

We all have our sites that we browse daily or whenever we have a few mins to ourselves.

To expedite this routine, I’ve created a folder in my Chrome Bookmark Bar called “Websites that Make You Smarter”. A one-stop shop for sites I can quickly browse to – that will hopefully add ‘value’ to my life. I’ve done some research and condensed the list based on the sites I felt were the most useful.

1. Khan Academy

Have you ever wanted to pick up a subject you’re not well-versed in, but you didn’t have the money to invest in a college course? Khan Academy aims to provide education at the collegiate level for anyone who wants it. They provide resources for learning pretty much every subject out there, including math, science, history and more. As you learn, the platform will even assess your progress and help you gauge what you’ve learned. Not only will you learn a wide variety of subjects through immensely helpful videos, but you’ll get a chance to practice them and keep track of your learning statistics, too. It’s a great way to further your understanding of subjects you’ve already taken or to learn something new.

Other great learning sites include UdacityCourseraAcademicEarthMemrise, and edX.

2. Lifehacker

On this highly useful site, you’ll find an assortment of tips, tricks, and downloads for getting things done.

3. The World Factbook

Did you know that the CIA has information on pretty much everything in the world? Okay, but did you know that they make a ton of this information open to the public? The World Factbook is your godsend for research, allowing you to cite facts and details that pertain to a seemingly endless amount of information from reputable sources.

4. Fast Company’s 30-Second MBA

In short video clips from from accomplished corporate executives, you’ll learn great business advice and life lessons, really fast.

5. Instructables

Through fun videos and simple instructions, you can learn how to make anything from a tennis ball launcher to a backyard fort. You can also submit your own creations and share what you make with the rest of the world. Still wanting to learn more? You can visit eHow and gain a wide range of skills, such as how to cook, decorate, fix, plan, garden, or even make a budget.

6. TED-Ed

This is a new initiative launched by TED with the idea of “lessons worth sharing.” It is meant to spark the curiosity of learners around the world by creating a library of award-winning, animated lessons created by expert educators, screenwriters, and animators. You can create your own customized lesson to distribute around the world by adding questions, discussion topics, and other supplementary materials to any educational video on YouTube.

7. Investopedia

Learn everything you need to know about the world of investing, markets, and personal finance.

8. Quora

Get your questions answered by other smart people, or read through the questions other people have asked. You can learn anything from productivity hacks to the best foods of all time.

9. Unplug The TV

A fun website that suggests informative videos for you to watch instead of TV. Topics range from space mining to “How Containerization Shaped the Modern World.”

10. VSauce

This Youtube Channel provides mind-blowing facts and the best of the internet, which will make you realize how amazing our world is. What would happen if the world stopped spinning? Why do we get bored? How many things are there? Watch the videos and find out.

11. TED

For years, people have been benefiting from TED talks that provide free insights from the world’s smartest people. TED provides the value and learning growth of a seminar, but without the exorbitant costs and travel expenses, by providing visitors with tons of free video lectures. The app is also great for catching up on the latest talks, and you can even download some on iTunes.

12. You Can Easily Learn 100 TED Talks Lessons In 5 Minutes Which Most People Need 70 Hours For

13. 10 Most Zen-Friendly Websites to Keep You Calm and Productive at Work

14. MIT Open Courseware

As much as I would love an education at MIT, that isn’t really in the cards. Thankfully, the educators at the Massachusetts Institue of Technology decided to give out information for tons of courses online through Open Courseware. Hundreds of millions of people have benefitted from the information that they can learn from these courses, starting a trend for other sites to offer free courses as well.

15. HowStuffWorks

There are things we want to know about, and then there are things we didn’t know we wanted to know about. HowStuffWorks addresses the latter by providing information on a variety of topics and eye-opening facts that will broaden your horizons.

16. Lumosity

Using games to learn is something I’ve treasured since Kindergarten, making Lumosity a trusted resource for me and countless others. Using a daily schedule of games, Lumosity is literally designed to make you more clever. As you progress, the software figures out what your strengths and weaknesses (such as memory or math skills) and assigns you games accordingly. The best part is that the games are actually addicting and fun to look forward to!

17. Duolingo

This isn’t the first time I’ve recommended this language-teaching website (and app), and it certainly won’t be the last. Duolingo is a free version of Rosetta-Stone that delivers the same results: teaching you another language. Regular use of the site can have you speaking and writing Spanish, English, German, French, Portuguese and Italian in a matter of months depending on the diligence you put into it. Hopefully, even more languages will become available soon.

18. Mindtools

There are countless blogs that you can enjoy for being interesting and mildly useful, but how many of them actually help you with your career? Mindtools is a blog that teaches you what they call “practical career skills” that you can apply at your job. This is a great daily read for entry-level workers who want to make a great impression, and the variety of topics and advice provided make this is a fantastic bookmark for anyone wanting to excel.

19. Factsie

Did you know the horned lizard can shoot blood out of its tear ducts? Keep clicking through this site to find unusual historical and scientific facts, along with links to sources. Another great site for fun facts is Today I Found Out.

20. CliffsNotes

Ideal for high school and college students, Cliffsnotes provides valuable resources like study guides and test prep for standard books and subjects you’ll have to read anyway. The site also provides resources for math and science, giving you the chance to finally master the dark arts of homework.

21. Quora

Have you ever wanted to ask someone famous a question, but you suffer from never having the chance? Thanks to Quora, you can read the opinions and answers of fascinating (and varied) questions from the leading experts in pretty much everything. You can answer questions too and get feedback from numerous others who share your love for a given topic.

Do you think you’ve mastered the searching skill on Google? Not yet.How to Google like a boss – Become a master of Google search with these little-known tips

22. Spreeder

According to Spreeder, a lot of us have trouble reading quickly because we can only read as fast as our “inner voice” can. Spreeder’s solution is to teach you to read without an inner voice, boosting reading speed and comprehension immensely. The best part? It’s totally free.

23. Project Gutenberg

Imagine a library with tons of free books that you can keep for the rest of your life. Actually, you don’t have to imagine that because Project Gutenberg gives you the ability to download thousands of free e-books, and it’s completely legal.

24. GeographyIQ

Imagine if Google Earth and Wikipedia decided to make it official and have a child. That would be GeographyIQ. Using the world map, you can select any country and access virtually every facet of useful information there is about that country, including history, currency, population and more.

25. Information is Beautiful

I love reading, but sometimes a visual demonstration just makes information come alive. Hence, Information is Beautiful is a platform that uses gorgeous visuals to impart data. For example, if you want to find out how much money individual organizations have lost from data breaches, you can view an action visual that shows bubbles that are labeled and sized accordingly, giving you an in-depth, but easy to digest overview of the data.

26. Digital Photography School

Read through this goldmine of articles to improve your photography skills; they’re helpful even if you’re a complete beginner. There’s also an active forum where you can find a community of other photographers to connect with.

27. Freerice

Expand your vocabulary while feeding the hungry. It’s the best way to feel good about yourself and learn words you can use for the rest of your life.

28. Gibbon

This is the ultimate playlist for learning. Users collect articles and videos to help you learn things from iOS programming to effective storytelling.

29. Powersearching with Google

Learn how to find anything you ever wanted by mastering your Google search skills. Also, read this article on 100 Google tricks that will save you time in school.

30. Justin Guitar

Guitar is one of the few instruments out there that’s actually pretty easy to learn if you’re a little older, making it one of the most accessible instruments. Still, learning how to play still takes some direction, at least for most people, so a guy named Justin decided he was going to help out. His website provides hundreds of free guitar lessons that range in different styles, depending on how you want to play. His schedule for learning is pretty easy to follow, and the site is a great stepping stone for people wanting to pick the instrument up.

31. Nerd Fitness

When we think of exercising and gym techniques, we typically think of bodybuilders and jocks from high school. Nerd Fitness aims to provide resources for getting in shape from a nerd’s point of view. All of the guides, blogs and fitness tips on this site have a geek flavor that is intended to make anyone who feels uncomfortable at the gym feel right at home here.

32. Cooking for Engineers

Founded by Michael Chu, Cooking for Engineers goes further than just providing recipes. The site is a blog that is geared toward making your food taste good. Additionally, his analytical take on ingredients and cooking recipes is interesting and will likely change the way you approach cuisine.

33. Anki

It’s no secret that the key to memorizing information is mastering recall. With flashcards, you can recall things faster, making Anki an ideal resource for using flashcards online. Unlike other sites that use flashcards, Anki allows you embed more than just text. You can use video, audio and images to help you start studying faster and smarter.

34. OneLook

Finding a great dictionary is not a difficult task in a world full of search engines, but it can be tricky to define more complicated words and phrases that most dictionaries (besides UrbanDictionary) don’t attempt to define. With OneLook, you can find multiple definitions from numerous dictionaries in one place, even if you’re looking up a phrase that is obscure or too specific for normal dictionaries to help you out with.

Sources: Lifehacker and Business Insider

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