Personal Improvements Week Starting – January 19th

1. Implemented a positive affirmation playlist of about 20+ youtube videos converted into mp3’s for playing while during the night as I sleep, my entire shift at work and after work during meditation. 

2. Increased personal thinking and action time. I have a task / goal list with over 75+ action items. Splitting myself thin via the “all access” method – has proved to be deterimental. I had to prioritize my tasks / goals according to importance and value. 

Unfortunately, this has and will reduce my social interaction, meaning a delay in my response times to everything and everyone externally.  A temporary sacrifice I’m willing to make to improve my and my family / peers quality of life. 

What’s most important should never come second to – what is not important. Because I do what I want to do, I will do what I have to to. 

3. Allocated specific time for recreation. 

4. Re-enforced – the zero money spent at work policy. Taking breakfast and lunch to work saves money that can be used for recreation

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