Through this Transition process, I’m noticing gradiual changes in my Philosophies. 

For example.. At work I embrace the “dress and act like the Company CEO or Director” model.. Through my reading and experience, I’ve learned the importance of embracing the Leader behaviors. 

In contrast, I didn’t follow the same philosophy at CCC. Clearly Dr. Bernard is a great leader worthly of the same model. But I came to CCC wearing anything since there isn’t a dress code and It’s come as you are. Today is the beginning of a new philosophy, I will now adjust my behaviors (dress, actions, words) to reflect the Leaders in my life. Although good leadership is rare occurrence in our society, it’s important for us to seek it and absorb as much value as we can. 

As I continue to mimic great leadership, I will eventually become that which I mimic. Thus, the importance of INFLUENCE. 

We will continue to grow together.