I was inspired to create The Awesome Life Project October 13, 2013.

The Goal of this project is to help us enjoy life on a meaningful level. Initially I believed, I needed to reach a certain level of success before actually being “HAPPY”.

Then I asked myself “why wait?? Why not now??”

As a student of success and successful people, I’ve learned “Happiness isn’t a destination – it’s a lifestyle.” I thought wouldn’t life be AWESOME, if I could be truly happy now? As many hours of the day.. as many days a week.. as many weeks a year.. as many years in my life? Wouldn’t that be the absolute best thing ever??

Then I asked myself.. What makes me happy?
Helping people, spending time with the people I love and like, laughing, having fun, competing and learning new things.

How much do these things cost??
Nothing, I can start right now.

Yes, I am still focused on being a a Billionaire Philanthropist and changing the world.. but there is no reason not to be happy along the way.

Many times before, I’ve found myself regretting how I spent my time and \ or who I’ve spent it with. However, as adults – we control what we do and who we do it with. Using this principle, we have the ability to make our lives as AWESOME and meaningful as possible.

I believe we are often limited, by the things that happen – within our Eco-System. Unfortunately a majority of things we do – have very little substance or true value to me anymore. Recently, in an effort to repair this void, I’ve been making strides to expand my Eco-system.

This is done by meeting new people, who are either – interested in doing things I would like to do, already like to do and / or share similar philosophies about life.

I’ve already began reading 2-3 books a week, and I love what its done for my life. Through my reading, I’ve learned the importance being committed to Personal Growth on a daily basis.

To assist me in this growth process, I will make it a habit to become proficient in Chess, an instrument (Piano and the Guitar), Dancing (Salsa, Ballroom), Marksmanship, Fishing, Golf, Tennis, Racquetball, Diving, Bowling, Archery, Martial Arts, Pool and Fencing.

I also plan to become a member of several Professional Organizations including the following

If you are interesting in joining the Awesome Life Project and sharing your #AwesomeLife – please email me at dame.luthas@luthas.com.