1. Listening to AudioBooks via Audible.com’s Audible app

2. Stopped watching the news, reading the newspapers, listening to the radio and disconnecting my Cable.

3. Disconnecting from Social Media to allow myself time to think and complete tasks

4. Stop spending so much time talking about what I need to do or what i want to do .. And actually doing it.

In that order..

The Books I would’ve never completed because I rarely ever just sat still.. If I did .. I’d get sleepy while reading. AudioBooks removed those barriers and allowed me to get the same information via a different medium. They gave me the strategies and exposed me to things, I would’ve taken years to discover on my own.

Disconnecting the news, radio and cable reduced the amount of worthless and negative information I received daily. Garbage In – Garbage Out.. When working on Improving yourself.. Its “all hands on deck”.. No time misc negative information that you have little to no control over.

Disconnecting from Social Media gave me the ability to further reduce the amount worthless distracting information.. While continuing to gain valuable information from the books I listened to. Once I stopped watching other people, it became easier to focus on Me. Its impossible, to constantly watch someone else’s life (which is most times inaccurate anyway) and still focus on yourself. We have a limited amount of energy and willpower daily. Use it where it makes the biggest difference.

All of the above ultimately allowed me to put forth ACTION vs just talking about it.

Knowledge is like Soap.. Its useless if it isn’t applied.