Use Internal Conversations to Reduce Unwanted Consequences

Today, I’d like to share a strategy that could help reduce the frequency of unwanted consequences. I think we can agree, we have absolutely no control of the consequences of our actions – whereas we have 100% control over our actions themselves.

The “7 Levels Deep” exercise to helps me understand what drives my thoughts, decisions and behaviors. Here’s an example of how it works.. Instead of simply asking yourself “Should I do xyz?”.. then answering with the first thing that pops up in your mind and going with that. You will ask “Why?” after the first answer.. “Why?” after the second answer.. “Why?” after the third answer.. all the way down 7 levels. At some point, your response will go from your mind to your heart – thereby giving you the real answer you want. Try it and let me know how it works for you.

Before writing any article, I think about the emails I’ve received from you, the things going on in your life and what information could I share to help you. I understand your pain, frustration, confusion, depression, loneliness and fear.

I receive emails from – homeless people using a computer in the library, some young adults who have lost their parent(s) and are having a hard time finishing up high school or college, hospital patients feeling scared and alone laying there in the hospital bed, Single Mothers struggling to find a job – that will allow them get off of government programs, help them move into safer neighborhoods with better educational opportunities for their children, Fathers who aren’t able to properly provide for their families due to limited skill sets or physical injuries, former drug addicts whom have used the strategies on this site to help them commit to a rehabilitation program, military Fathers and Mothers explaining what life is like – being stationed so far away from their children, teachers and school counselors telling me about how they share some of my posts with their students, future Nurses staying up late – studying for their NCLEX exams, employees who’ve received a promotion and are scared to fail, consultants on the verge of losing their jobs when their contract expires, CEO’s implementing my strategies within their organization, and former convicts starting their own businesses using material in the books I’ve shared.

There has never been and will never be a Book, Article, Ted Talk, Podcast, Seminar or iTunes U lesson I complete without taking a note to share with someone.

Two weeks ago I visited the Mediation room in the United Nations building here in New York, outside the entrance there is an amazing quote from Dag Hammarskjold (previous Secretary of United Nations) which says “There is an ancient saying that the sense of a vessel is not in its shell but in the void. So it is with this room. It is for those who come here to fill the void with what they find in their center of stillness.”

As I sat there in the mediation room, I closed my eyes and thought about the opportunity I’ve been blessed with to work for the United Nations. The opportunity to be a part of something bigger than myself, work with and for – amazing people from all over the world. It is my responsibility to give my Team, Organization and Customers – the best version of me. I’ve learned – it’s not the opportunity that matters, it’s how you see the opportunity and what you do with it. I never complain about working or any assignment I’m given.. instead I think about it as an opportunity. There is a huge difference between “I have to do xyz..” and “I get the opportunity to do xyz”. I have the opportunity to support the people who support the world. The hungry children who have just lost their parents and home – have nothing but the UN to depend on.

These type of thoughts they’ve generated internal conversations, which morphed into a massive paradigm change. What are your internal conversations? and how are they impacting your life?

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