What I Really Wanted To Tell My Princess

During a great conversation, I’ve had with my Princess.. she asked..

“Daddy, how are YOU doing? How are you feeling?”

(my heart sank) As a Father.. your Daughters’ questions resonate differently.. I can’t just say “I’m OK..” but I definitely can’t lay the whole burden on Her.

I wanted to say Princess..

Its difficult coming back to reality after all of my recent trials and tribulations..

I think my commitment to excellence and greatness is stronger now – than its ever been.. It’s funny what a near death experience and physical injury can do to your self-perception and world view. My internal conversations are very different now.. I push myself extremely hard and I have very little tolerance for mediocrity. Primarily because I know what’s like to underachieve and be mediocre.. I definitely know the regrets that come along with it.

I remember laying in the hospital thinking to myself.. you’ve been blessed with an awesome Family.. extremely intelligent and Kids.. loyal Friends and you work for the greatest Organization in the world. Being blessed with all of this.. how do you think you’ve done? Quite simply.. I haven’t done my best or anything remotely close.

So maybe.. I work more now.. but I enjoy what I do and I enjoy being a part of something bigger than myself. Has my personal life suffered? Yes it has.. but I’ve had a great personal life.. maybe too great (inside joke). Now its time to reach my potential and in the process.. help others reach theirs.

I don’t think anyone I know truly understands how badly I want all of us to succeed and truly live a fulfilled life. The time for posting fancy quotes or telling others what they ‘should do’ – is over. It’s leadership time.. I have to lead by example. I love to learn and share what I’ve learned, but it’s extremely difficult to help people who don’t want to be helped. It’s even more difficult when you know the potential someone has and refuses to make the sacrifices necessary to reach it..

I didn’t want to turn my cell phone off.. I don’t want to spend extra hours working and learning.. I don’t want to just work and sleep.. Its not exciting, it hurts me and it hurts the people in my life..

But maybe you’d like to answer these questions?

What if I don’t? What if I remained the same? Who would lead by example? Which one of your family or friends would show you.. YOUR DREAM IS POSSIBLE? Who would push you? Who would show you how to do it? Who would make you say.. if HE could do it.. I know I could do it? Who would sacrifice their time, energy and resources – to teach you how to Win? Who would teach you to how to adapt to different environments? Who would show you how to defeat your demons? Who would show you – true success is more than Followers and Likes?

So when I get out of bed at odd hours to work.. When I turn down my friends just to read.. you may not understand.. it’s not for you to understand.

Everyone is blessed.. some know it and take it for granted.. some know it and brag about it.. some know it and do just enough so they don’t lose it.. but there are only a few who ask themselves – how can I use my blessings to help others?

I’ve made my choice..

Please feel free to share.

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